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Penns Park United Methodist Church
2394 Second Street Pike, Penns Park, Pennsylvania 18943, United States

Phone: (215) 598-7601

For over 200 years, Penns Park UMC has nurtured, challenged, taught and supported people in their faith journey. We invite you to consider joining us on the journey.

Our MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of Penns Park United Methodist Church is to spread the Good News and to grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.
What to Expect

• Dress:

    We dress as we are comfortable. For some that means jeans & sneakers, for others coat & tie. And don’t be surprised if we bring our coffee with us into the worship.

• Worship:

    Our services are not only a time for worship, but also a time for learning, reflection, praise, exploration, questioning, and sharing.

• Communion:

    We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month. Communion is open to all. It is generally served at the front of the sanctuary but will be taken to the pew for any who have difficulty coming forward.

• Restrooms:

    Although the sanctuary is handicap-accessible via a ramp, the restrooms located next to Fellowship Hall are not & can only be accessed through doors at the front of the sanctuary or from outside (through the red doors) which both involve steps.

Our Teachings

• Scripture:

    – the primary source and guideline for Christian teaching.

• Tradition:

    – the ever renewed understandings of the faith community down through the ages based on the experiences of the church fathers and that great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us.

• Experience:

    – how we come to understand God. Our understanding of the presence of God based on how we see God at work in nature and our experience of God within.

• Reason:

    – using our ability to analyze, compare, and come to sound judgments and understandings.

Should you want to discuss possible membership at Penns Park UMC, be assured that no pressure will be placed on you. Our approach is simple: We want you to want to be a part of Penns Park UMC.